SMAW Umhüllte Stabelektrode


A specially designed composition where Molybdenum % is reduced to form a hybrid alloy between 308H and 316H, operates in temperatures up to 800C. Gives a very high resistance to thermal embrittlement. Creep ductility is enhanced at temperatures above 650C.

AquaForce MG

CEWELD AquaForce MG offers a high deposition rate with remarkable welding properties in all positions and is capable of producing beautiful flat weld beads with deep penetration and above all not sensitive for porosity and or inclusions. Filled welds exceeding an A-height of 4,0 mm are easy to achieve in one single layer for high productivity. and can be used in all positions, especially suitable for vertical down (PG) position.

E NiCro A

The weld metal has excellent strength and oxidation resistance at high temperatures and retains impact resistance at cryogenic temperatures. The electrode is an exceptionally versatile product for dissimilar welding. It can be used on a variety of austenitic and ferritic steels and nickel alloys.

4316 Kb

The weld deposit is scale-resistant up to approx. 800°C in normal atmosphere and oxidizing gases. The weld deposit is capable of taking a high polish.


Crack resistant weld metal conditioned by the Acid type of slag. Low spatter loss, easy slag removal. Well suited for joining and rebuilding with extreme low Carbon, Silicon and Manganese content in the weld deposit.

E Alloy C-276

Due to high molybdenum content this alloy offers excellent resistance too stress & corrosion cracking, pitting and crevice corrosion. High mechanical properties with excellent weldability on DC+.

E 1000 S

CEWELD E 1000 S is a medium thick coated electrode suitable for general construction and offers a very smooth seam surface. CEWELD E 1000 S is suitable for all positions; 2,5 mm can even be used in vertical down position. Medium fast freezing weld metal makes this electrode excellently suitable for root runs in vertical up position in pipe welding. The slag is self detaching and the special blue coating was developed to offer high resistance against moisture pick up.

DUR E 600 KB

Dur E 600 Kb is a basic coated electrode with approximately 130% recovery that leaves a fine rippled seam surface with excellent impact and wear properties. The weld deposit shows a martensitic structure with good increased temperature properties and can resist oxidation upto 800°C. The deposit is heat treatable and offers excellent sliding and rolling properties.


There is no limit for the number of layers that can be applied in case of rebuilding but heat input should be kept low (as for Mn steel, interpass temperature should be kept <250°C).

4316 H

Compare to standard 4316 Ti the weld deposit has much higher temperature scale-resistance up to 800°C due to the increased silicon conten.


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