Unterwasser Elektrode "AquaForce LC"

During the last century several electrodes where developed for underwater welding steel. Although the exisisting underwater electrodes simply are modified or coated standard dry welding electrodes we have now developed a complete new electrode that is not based on a standard (dry) composition. The usually well known electrodes as Hydroweld, Nautica, Broco, Barracuda etc.. are based on a SiO2, TiO2, MnO, CaO, Al2O3, FeO mixture as also used with standard dry electrodes.

AquaForce LC is the first basic electrode that is based on "Hydrophobic Sand" to offer maximum resistance against moisture entering the high hygroscopic coating. The higher basicity helps to reduce the Oxygen content in the weldmetal and improves elongation. The final target was of course to obtain better (stronger) welds in submerged (underwater) conditions. Taking in consideration the high cooling speed (T8/5) when welding under water we have reduced the carbon content of the weld metal with 70% to obtain the ideal fusion line combined with a softer and stronger weld metal. Furthermore AquaForce LC offers a unique and excellent arc stability with no spatters and can be used in all positions. > view datasheet