Welding wire for dissimilar joints (black and white)

For welding dissimilar joints (for example steel to stainless steel) usually wire types are used that are higher alloyed than the highest alloyed part that nee to be welded. The most common types are: 307Si309LSi309LMo and 312. Depending on the type of dissimilar weld to make each type has is own specific arguments and applicability, 307Si because of its high elongation and toughness, 309LSi because of its high temperature resistance and 312 because of its extreme high tensile strength and the habit to keep the fusion line at low hardness when welding high carbon steels such as C45, C60 and similar types. In case of extreme critical joints where earlier mentioned alloys have failed our electrode Nicro HLS or wire Nicro 600 can offer great help, this Nickel based alloy is mechanically extreme strong combined with a huge elongation, also Nickel based alloys are not reacting with the carbon witch is the main problem with dissimilar welding. 

All earlier mentioned alloys are also available as flux cored wire or stick electrode, see database.