Welding (consumables) wires for stainless steel

Stainless steel thanks his name due to the addition of chromium, above 13% chromium steel becomes the name stainless steel. The most common types are 304 and 316 but the Duplex and Super Duplex types are getting more and more popular due to the higher strength and strongly improved corrosion resistance.

Ceweld® stainless steel welding wires can be separated from the competition because of their exceptional tensile strength of 1400N/mm2 that results in a more stable arc especially during impulse welding at thin stainless steel sheets. The special cleaning method of our stainless steel welding wires makes them suitable also for Hotwire Tig welding without intermediate cleaning between the layers.

Usually all types within the 300 and 400 series are available from stock, find here more details of all stainless steel welding wires...