Aluminium Mig Schweißdrahte und Wig Stabe

Aluminum welding wire shows many differences if you check the quality that is available on the market today. From all welding wires that we know aluminum is probably the one with the most feeding and or welding problems. Some aluminum wires are drawn and others are shaved, cleaning can be done chemically or mechanically and each production step offers a difference in quality at the end. AlMg5 (ER 5356)and AlMg4.5Mn (ER 5183) wires are the higher strength types and offer less feeding problems than the AlSi5 (ER 4043) and AlSi12 (ER 4047) types. Ceweld® aluminum welding wires assures the highest quality available on the market today, our wires are shaved 2 times to remove all contamination under the drawing skin to avoid porosity in the weld deposit, after shaving the wire we ad a special lubricant on the wire surface to lower friction in the liner and contact tip and to improve arc stability. Without this special lubricant the aluminum wires would become dry (white dust on the surface) and has usually a limited storage time of 6 month max.